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Goal: To create positive vibes and lustrous skin in your bathroom space. Self-care is not just eating right, exercising and speaking positive affirmations, it's about taking your skincare important enough to spend time with it.

The purpose in using a good body scrub is to exfoliate skin by removing dead layers which may cause dryness and itchiness. Scrubs rejuvenate, maintain and soften skin if used on a regular basis. We select excellent oils and granules that condition and do not clog the skin. Materials: pure extracts, pure fragrance, essential oils, natural flavors, fine sugar, brown sugar, himalayan salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt, charcoal, vitamin e, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, hemp seed, meadowfoam, shea, grape seed, rice bran, safflower, sunflower and/or honey.

Suggested use: step into your shower under warm running water and wash regularly with soap, near the end of your shower, scoop 1-2 TBSP of scrub into your hands, a cloth or loofah then massage onto your elbows, arms, legs and knees for a few minutes, then rinse. Your body will immediately feel silky and smooth all-day and night. Step out of shower with caution, may cause slippery surface. Wash shower thoroughly with a degreasing detergent after use to prevent slipping.

Not recommended for daily use (1-2x a week is sufficient as needed).

***DISCLOSURE*** Not recommended for children, seniors or fall-risk individuals without supervision due to oils that may cause slippery surface.

BPA-Free Container. Best used by: 1 year date of purchase. Safe for most skin types, Discontinue if irritation occurs. Always do a 24-48 hour skin test with new brands. Products should not be altered with any other type of ingredient by consumer.

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