Linen Mist w/sea salt

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Embrace and enjoy handmade aromatics that bring about emotional well-being, grounding, relaxation, inner peace and joy. Made to create an atmosphere of quietness or fun using pure aloe water, sea salt, hydrosol, essential oil, extract and natural fragrance. No parabens, sulfates, alcohol or animal-testing.

Ideal to spray pillows, sheets, bath towels, linen closet, shower area, bathroom, office space and before having guests over. Can be used in cars with open windows, no direct inhalation. Makes a nice body scent too right after a warm shower. 

Suggested use: Shake gently then mist onto sheets 30 mins prior to bedtime. Mist into air away from open flames, children and pets. Mists make very nice gifts to add with body scrubs, balms, lotions and soaps. Thoughtful hospitality gift!

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER:  EXTERNAL use only! Do NOT use near infants, children or pets, can be too strong for their senses and cause choking. Keep away from anyone with respiratory issues.