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Thank you for your interest in our Foot Care line.

These items are only offered in sets due to the properties and benefits when used altogether.

Handmade with Love and Purpose to promote overall wellness one foot at a time.

(1) 4oz Foot Scrub designed to remove dead skin and leave a velvety and lustrous feel using pumice, kaolin clay, rose clay, oatmeal, organic wheat bran, coffee, fine sugar, organic cane sugar, himalayan sea salt, rice bran, hemp seed, organic castor oil, vegetable glycerin, safflower, sunflower, olive oil, essential oils, organic oils and/or natural extracts that improve skin health. Complimentary loofah and wooden stick.

(1) 4oz Foot Butters - we strive to use the best organic coconut oil, shea butter chunks, turmeric, aloe, olive oil, hemp seed, avocado, kokum, cupuacu, essential oils and natural extracts to nourish and condition. May cause slippery surface. As an option, wear 100% cotton socks at night to keep feet soft. 

(1) 2oz Matching Foot Mist, essential oils, natural extracts, aloe, witch hazel, hydrosols, apple cider vinegar & hydrogen peroxide to relax and freshen toes.

(1) 8oz Foot Soak, essential oils, natural extracts, safflower oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil beads, dead sea salt, himalayan sea salt and epsom.

Packaging:  BPA-free jar, sealed pouch and organza bag.

Foot Scrub:  Not suitable for standing in showers, this is definitely a time to sit and relax with feet immersed in a  foot tub. Foot scrubs may leave a slippery surface which should be thoroughly washed with a degreaser or soap after use. Not intended for children or seniors without supervision due to foot scrub oils. Suggested use: As needed. Eco-friendly color. BPA-Free containers.

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