Essential Oils

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There are more than 90 types of essential oils that carry numerous benefits and properties.

Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted; they can be used to relieve stress, calm anxiety, relieve headaches, relieve tension, reduce inflammation, encourage sleep, relieve sniffles, stimulate senses, promote healthy hair, refresh homes, spice up laundry, repel insects and so much more. 

For body and muscle massage, use 1-3 drops of essential oil with a carrier oil such as; safflower, grape seed, sweet almond and/or coconut oil. Bottles should be between 2 and 4oz when preparing. Shake well with tight cap for equal blending. Do not use near eyes or nose.

NOT for digestion. EXTERNAL use only!

To diffuse, use 1-3 drops with the rest water in a room diffuser. 

Caution: Should not be used around those with respiratory disorders. May be too strong for children and pets.

We carry the most common oils because they can be used in all forms of physical and emotional well-being. These statements have not been approved by Federal Food, Drug or Cosmetic Act.

We cannot give you medical advice. If you have a medical condition, please contact your family doctor.

Packaging: Cobalt blue glass bottle with attached dropper. Size .5oz.

Best used: 2 years of purchase date.