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This area is dedicated to the Relaxation and Stress-Free Junkie...

We use the Best because we want you to feel your Best!

Our items are handmade with organics and 100% pure essential oils (no dilution or alterations).

Suga' Body Scrubs are layered with sea salt, epsom salt, clays, herbs, powders and/or sugars to promote circulation, exfoliation and bring about soothing skin. 

Body Lotions are delicately created with shea butter, aloe, organic goat's milk, honey and primrose to gently moisturize and maintain soft skin.

Made in small batches, non-sticky, absorbs well. Phthalate, Paraben and Sulfate-free. BPA-Free Container.

Lavender and Chamomile are known to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, refresh a tired mind and relieve minor sunburns.

Peppermint is invigorating, yet calming and may help reduce headaches; it also has a calming effect on skin irritations.

Essential oils should not be used on open wounds.

See "Essential Oils" tab for pure oils.