Body Infusion (Oils)

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The purpose of our aromatic infusions are to inspire, uplift and bring about love and light. Our hope is to give you simple, yet sophisticated beauty in a glass bottle!

Body Infusions for both men and women are made with creativity and inspiration; they carry the purest essential oils and natural extracts to calm and comfort the mind, spirit and soul. All infusions are unisex. 

Each scent is hand-crafted with a purpose and are made with jojoba, coconut oil, hemp seed, vitamin e, vegetable glycerin, sunflower and safflower oils to protect, soften and condition the skin.

Suggested use: Roll on or dab onto each arm and inner thighs to get a full expression of subtleness. Massage into skin and feel good all day or night. Use sparingly as desired. Size 1/3oz = 9.45 grams

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