Body Balm - Women

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What is a Balm: Imagine a soothing light cream with gloss. When this Balm is applied, it goes on very silky, leaving a lustrous glow.

All Body Balms are made with blended melting butters which are handcrafted with creativity, deliciousness and skin-indulging flavored scents that are paraben and sulfate-free. They are best used after a warm shower when the body is damp allowing the skin to connect with love and velvety goodness; also makes a great product for the beach! Product contains essential oils, flavors and/or pure fragrance, organic coconut oil and natural soft butters and waxes; jojoba, kokum, vegan beeswax, avocado, shea, vitamin e, castor oil, green tea and hemp to condition.

Promotes a spa-like experience, encourages happiness, relaxes the mind and body while leaving a sensational feel. Use sparingly. Refrigerate if necessary. BPA-Free Container. Best used by: 1 year from date of purchase. Safe for most skin types, Discontinue if irritation occurs. Product should not be altered with any other type of ingredient by consumer. 

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